About Us

A Little Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Joel Simms, also known as Dr. Mo. Over my forty-year career, I have done many things to prepare for this venture. Prior to my 20 years developing the Human MoMentum approach, I spent 20 years in the Organizational Dynamics and Marketing Consulting fields. My work experience spans the industrial products, retail and health services industries.

In 1991, I returned to my first love, psychology, exploring the relationship between thinking, feeling and behaviour and established an active private consulting practice. My formal training includes an undergraduate degree in Science (B.Sc.) and graduate degrees in Organizational Behaviour and Business (MBA) and Psycho-educational Psychology (Ph.D.).

I am married, the father of three adult children and the proud grandfather of a beautiful grand-daughter, Lilly.

The Idea Behind Maintain Momentum

I first had the seed idea for Maintain MoMentum in 1993. Back then, I was thinking about how to help and support clients between office appointments. I thought that I could design a system using alpha-numeric pagers (do you remember them?) to send people short reminders to keep them on course and inspired. I met with Motorola to discuss using their pagers. I was told that the idea was good, but the technology and infrastructure would make this an expensive and difficult proposition. That was then! Today, with rapid advances in technology, the Internet and Wi-Fi usage and the widespread use of computers, tablets and smartphones, the 1993 idea has become a practical, affordable reality.

Over the years, I developed Maintain MoMentum to respond to to the need of my clients to maintain their improvements over time. I realized that what was required was a comprehensive system that would provide ongoing and long term support, advice and resources to help them stay with their initiatives over the long haul. My research found that such a system did not exist and that the need to help people develop, regain and maintain MoMentum in all initiatives was enormous. I created Maintain MoMentum and the MoMentum Mind Programs to address this need.

In my life and in my practice, developing the ability to deal constructively with life challenges and to bounce back from them have been central themes. These themes, coupled with my base in Business and Human Dynamics, have provided me with the foundation to create and offer the unique services of Maintain MoMentum.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge of the key elements to staying the course in life with you on this Site: resilience, optimism, motivation and MoMentum. I am also excited about helping all members move forward and upward in their lives as they grow, improve and succeed.

Going forward, as the Community grows, “AboutMo” will gradually become “About Each and All of Us involved in Maintain Momentum”. My goal is for our story to be the stories of many people who are staying on track, reaping the benefits of their initiatives and sharing their journeys for the benefit of the Community.

Our Team

I work with a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping individuals “be more resilient, constructive, responsible and optimistic” thinkers and doers. The team is comprised of talented and dedicated web designers and developers, writers, researchers, graphic artists and colleagues who have worked on the Maintain MoMentum Project over the past three years. This has been and will continue to be a joint collaboration.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing people with support, advice, services and training to stay with their initiatives, reach their goals and lead and maintain happier and healthier lives. In pursuit of this commitment, we pledge to deliver personalized, high-quality and cost-effective support and services to those we serve. In order to achieve our mission, we believe it is essential to operate according to the following principles: We recognize and affirm the value of all individuals. We treat all those we serve with respect and understanding. We act with honesty, integrity and equity in the way we operate our business. We value our relationships with our suppliers and members. We conduct all interactions with respect and professionalism.

Our Vision

At Maintain MoMentum, our vision is to be a world-wide leader that helps and empowers people to create connections, and develop and maintain their MoMentum so that they can stay with their initiatives, achieve their goals and lead happier, healthier and more productive lives. To achieve this vision, we offer our members comprehensive support and professional tools, services, training and resources that support any initiative they pursue, including: mental and physical health and fitness, personal finance and money management, career and sales improvement and diet, nutrition, and weight management.

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