Momentum Mind: Fuel For Life Course

MaintainMomentum Training

Do you want to further develop the skills that achievers have and develop the self-discipline, resolve, resilience and optimism required to begin, stay with, and complete any important project or program in your life?

The Momentum Mind Course

  • Consists of 35 lessons that are 6-10 minutes in length designed to help you think well, feel better and achieve more.

  • Each easy to follow lesson has three-parts:

    1. PrepMo, a preparation and relaxation at the beginning of each lesson.
    2. LearnMo, the information and training content portion of each lesson, and..
    3. AchieveMo, the daily challenges and practice part of each lesson.

  • Includes 10 powerful MoMentum Thinking Exercises to hone and improve your thinking so you can create, maintain and sustain MoMentum in your initiatives.

  • Resides on a secure remote server and can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere, on any device, with your personal Login information.

  • The Prep Mo and Learn Mo sections are offered in audio and text formats for your convenience.

  • Contains anecdotes, practical examples and step-by-step lesson and activity instructions and directions for all concepts, topics and Exercises.

  • Helps you understand the relationship between thinking, feeling and achieving, and shows you how to use constructive thinking to power yourself forward in life.

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